Heard about Eric from a friend of a friend. Researched him and saw nothing but good things. Did I mention he destroyed ADT's bid? Anyways, got him out 3 days later. He was prompt, friendly and informative. Realized an hour after he left I had neglected to have him do my 2 garage windows. Emailed him and he responded first thing the next morning. Said he'd be out the next day. Impressively fast response time considering he's the owner. The system itself is amazing. I don't have a worry in the world about my house when I'm at work anymore. I have an AC guy like Eric, he's a hands-on owner as well and I've never had better service over the years. I have a feeling Eric will be the same. It's actually refreshing to have good customer service in this age of worker entitlement. I'd take Dempsey Alarm over ADT anyday

I selected Dempsey Alarms to do my job for 2 reasons: (1) His perfect 5-star Yelp rating and (2) He was willing to install a system that fit my needs and price range. Eric responded promptly to phone calls and emails, kept scheduled appointment times (Even when he couldn't come himself because his wife was delivering their 2nd child, he made sure that his assistant came to perform the scheduled work.), and answered all my questions and concerns prior to and during the project. There were a couple of minor problems with the initial system install (as there usually are with any project) but he returned to correct them, cheerfully, and in a timely manner. Mine is the 17th 5-star rating in row for Eric on Yelp. If all contractors performed to his standard, home improvements would be a lot easier than they often are.

I recently had a problem with the security system that had been installed in my home for 8 years. The security company I was previously with agreed to repair the system but only if I renewed my contract for another 2 years. I'd had it with their shady business practices and decided to venture out and look for a new company who could repair my system and monitor it. I was so thankful to find Eric. He found a very cost effective way to repair my existing system and gave me a reasonable price for the monitoring. I am so thankful to have made the switch. He reassured me that if we ever have any problems to call and he'll come out to fix it. Thank goodness there are reliable and reputable companies still out there like this one.

Based on the Yelp reviews, I called Eric to pull out an old Radionics system in our house and replace it with a new Honeywell alarm system. He provided a timely estimate via email based on our phone conversation, which I appreciated. He arrived on time with an assistant, and removed and replaced our control panel and three keypads. He checked all of our door and window sensors, motion detectors, and siren, and replaced anything that was defective. According to Eric, our house is wired like a "Rancho Santa Fe" house so it was a bigger job than he anticipated, but he obviously knew what he was doing, and did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. He even installed some signs on our property.

I had Eric from Dempsey alarms install a 4 camera security system with DVR. Eric is very professional and polite and got the installation done in a few hours. There was a glitch in the DVR Eric originally bought in that it wouldn't output movie files that could be read on my Mac. So Eric did some research and set me up with a Digital Watchdog DVR which is much better and Mac friendly. Now when a neighbor's dog craps on my lawn again or messes around with my trash/recycle bins I'll be able to confront them with evidence! Oh no my dog didn't crap on your lawn. Whip out the iPad, right here at 8:20 AM and BAM you're busted!

Eric is a reliable and expert alarm guy, and very easy to work with.

I HIGHLY recommend Dempsey Alarms for video surveillance cameras. I called several top security companies in San Diego, and Dempsey Alarms immediately gave me the most information and options. They designed and installed a really robust system for a very reasonable price. It's tempting to buy a retail camera system and install it yourself, but I learned of some pitfalls with that strategy and I'm very glad I called Eric Dempsey and got a perfect system on the first try. They also helped me save money on features that aren't needed, and the installation price was very reasonable in my opinion. My system's got tons of sophisticated features built in, but I like that it's simple to use. I can view all 8 cameras from anywhere on my phone, or use my living room TV to see who is at the front door (while recording too). Our alarm system monitoring is still under contract with another company, but when that contract expires we will probably switch that to Dempsey Alarms, too.

Eric installed our alarm last year. He spent the time to find out how we will make the best use of the system. He has made minor changes to the system as our needs changed. He has become a good friend.

Eric made things very easy for my mom and me! Plus he was very nice and willing to answer all my questions!

Eric Dempsey installed an 8-camera security system with a new alarm, in my house. Him and his crew not only did a great job, I also found him to be the one of the most honest small business owners I ever met. His prices were very reasonable, he delivered what he said he would do, and finished the job on time

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